What a pleasant surprise.

I Am Number Four came out earlier this year to theaters and was just released last month on DVD, Blu-ray, digital copy combos, iTunes, and eighteen other transportable ways .  I recall glancing at (but not paying attention to) the previews and thinking, “Eh, it looks okay.  Now back to my model airplanes.”  Red-Boxed it last night, bitches, and I must say: not too shabby.   Sure, it has some iffy special effects and douche bag Michael Bay behind it as the producer.  BUT, director D.J. Caruso (thanks for Eagle Eye and Disturbia, to sir with love) obliges with a good time on the wings of teenage fun.  It’s actually entertaining for the most part.  In watching the movie, it becomes obvious this movie is based on a book (a series, no less: can’t wait for the next eight installments!) because of late character introductions and vague references to other vague things and stuff…. Anyway, it’s cool to watch–especially the last third of the movie.  It was also funny to watch the unbelievable fact that the two most attractive people in the movie are the two kids in school everybody shits on (rolls eyes).



Author: brian

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