entertainment rampage

First things first, hookers: my “couple of the decade” separated, and I’m pissed.  Tea Leoni and David Duchovny? After 14 years? I always used y’all for the “famous couple together the longest” game. Now I’m fucked. Thanks for being selfish, Tea and Dave.

P.S. Tea, you were unforgettable in Deep Impact because, chief among reasons, it had a deep impact on me (gurl! oh no he di’n’t!)


Secondly, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson are returning next year for American Idol.  And guess what: I’m pissed.  I’d rather no more American Idol at this point if they’re just going to keep judges on the show that either (A) have a seven-word vocabulary of a street thug trying to obtain cocaine or (B) talks more out of his ass than Oprah did (Thanks, Jesus, for letting me be able to use past tense when referring to her).

Lastly, I will never stop trying to get the rest of American to watch Big Brother (new season debuts on Thursday, July 7th at 8pm CST on CBS).  I will now unleash a cornucopia of great video footage from seasons past to whet your appetite.

Roid Rage

Birthday Showdown

Just watch up to 4:30

Reason #16 I’m obsessed with host Julie Chen



Author: brian

Opinions don't matter-just mine.🙋

One thought on “entertainment rampage”

  1. Sooo, I agree- I loved those two together. Too bad Deep Impact sucked. Maybe that was the reason for their breakup, or maybe because he’s a sex addict.
    I hate AI and will never listen to your pleas for others to watch lameass BB.
    I know my opinion does not matter and your does but felt the need to voice it regardless.
    This shit looks good now. Congrats!!

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