Battleship: the movie. But why?

I know. Just calm down and breathe. Watch the trailer.

In seeing this you would think, “Oh Carrie Underwood-Fisher! Brian’s going to be obsessed.” And you’ll probably be right. CGI out of the ass: yes. Aliens involved: ho yah! So why would Brian be upset after watching the trailer.  11 words, colleagues. IT LOOKS LIKE ARMAGEDDON AND TRANSFORMERS JUST HAD SEX ON SCREEN! I recall the boring-as-fuck beloved boardgame.  You say numbers and letters out loud, you jump pegs around. FUN!  But to turn it into Transformageddon 5: Rise of the Loading Dock…. it’s just low, director Peter Berg (sidebar: thanks for Hancock. I’ve never wanted to walk out of a movie before in the privacy of my own bedroom).  Regardless of how unoriginal this movie seems, I look forward to being first in line next year to see it.


Author: brian

Opinions don't matter-just mine.🙋

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