a brief review of the Grammys 2012

Taylor Swift acts like a two year old during her performance about people being just so mean and bully-like!  And she wins an award and is shocked? “Me?! Oh my gosh. I’ve won, literally, 100 awards (look it up, y’all) and I am simply humbled. Thanks, pre-teens! Unexpected! AAHHHH!”

















Adele rapes the show of awards and mistakes her awards as bundles of chocolate coins.

J-Hud kicks ass with a Whitney tribute, sticking it to American Idol season 3 in saying thanks for letting me get 7th place!

Carrie stuns America by walking on carpet.

Nicki Minaj acts like Lady Gaga never had a show-stopper at the VMAs in 2009 and acts like a moron. She was as tasteful at a classy event as I imagined she would be.


Author: brian

Opinions don't matter-just mine.🙋

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