a good ol’ brian’s home media review

I heard this was game-changing. I heard the end had a “twist.” I heard bullshit.  Love Rachel McAdams. Love. She can’t steer me wrong…giggity.  But Jesus Christ, Channing Tatum: I don’t care about how nice of a body you have.  If you can’t act, you can’t act.  He will always look to me as if he has Down syndrome (no disrespect to those who have it!).  He’s just hard to handle if he’s not in some brainless action movie.  Their onscreen chemistry came across as friends, not lovers, let alone a married couple.  The amnesia characteristic made this movie somewhat intriguing for just another romantic drama, but overall it made some scenes hard to believe an amnesiac would do or say, such as not believing her husband is her husband after he’s insisting.  Photos and marriage certificates must not have existed in 2011.  The final quarter of the movie decides to turn into some intense “oh no he di-int” Jerry Springer nonsense from left field (BASEBALL REFERENCE: CHECK).  It’s great that this movie was based on true events, but make it into some trendy middle-aged housewife sex-crazed fantasy novel instead of a film.


Author: brian

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