Snow white & the hunstman


I’ll be brief here.  This movie made for a great move trailer.  It stops there.  It’s empty, like my bowels (currently).  Its 127 minutes feels like the preview being shown approximately 58 times.  I know I’m automatically biased because of my dislike towards Kristen Stewart’s acting talking in a movie being Kristen Stewart and getting paid to do so, but I remained optimistic in that it had the same producers as Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Optimism fail!  It followed the exact plot formula as Alice in Wonderland.  And I was even thinking Kristen was truly doing some impressive acting for the first half of the movie, when I realized she never even talked that whole time; she simply ran.  Her interaction with co-star Chris Hemsworth (I like that you’re only 2 years older than me but appear to be my father) was simply awkward.  The special effects were hit and miss. Sometimes I enjoyed them (‘sup, mirror on the wall); sometimes I was dry downstairs.  The one thing I truly enjoyed was Charlize Theron’s performance as Ravenna.  Perfection!  The comic relief wasn’t comic relief for me, and I have nothing against midgets.  Maybe the sequel will impress me.


Author: brian

Opinions don't matter-just mine.🙋

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