Hey girls. did y’all know this?

Okay. First things first. I’m sorry (Jordan) that my blog has turned into one in which I just bitch about shit that pisses me off.  What can I say? I use this motherfucker to fucking release fucking tension. You use a journal, your hand, or a Taylor Swift playlist to do such. I use my blog. Let’s move on.

Now, there have been an ever-increasing amount of these obnoxious “hey girl did you know about your boobs?” memes that make me want to saw my own foot off.  Let’s look below for a definition.

  • Meme: an idea or element of social behavior passed on throughgenerations in a culture, esp by imitation

 There are tens of thousands on the great World Wide Web. Yet, I particularly hate this fucking meme:



As the origin of these memes,(from Tumblr, go figure!) this picture was aimed at girls who took revealing pictures of their mammary glands and posted it online. I’m not a cleavage guy      😐        but I would rather stare at cleavage than have to take another look at this little 8 year old bitch who wants to prove to the world that she is somehow above “cleavage picture” whores. Now I could easily create an endless list of things that truly piss me off with this specific meme; chief among them: the amount of time she probably took to get all dolled up (I’LL GUESS A FUCKING HOUR, MINIMALLY) for a series of webcam shots, the amount of cam shots she probably took to take just the right picture of herself four times (I’ll guess 42, but prove me wrong, cunt), the fact that she was able to make herself look like a moronic deep-dish dumb fuck four times with her moronic facial expressions…….I’ll stop. This is just making my blood pressure rise. Fucking bitch.

But most of all, I hate what this one fucking meme has created on the internet.  It created a chain reaction of more deep-dish dumb fucks taking pictures of themselves in truly attempting to one-up this idiot. For example, here’s another bitch that wanted to respond to the above meme, and (by the looks of her) wanted to look and sound like even more of a fucking imbecile:



Good use of “guise,” dickhead.

Next, we have this sudden fucking social activist that is just so triumphant in surely everything she does, including the way she wears her hat and sleeps in a bunk bed:


Then, there’s the meme that makes me pretty volatile. These children (yes, children, who probably just “graduated” from fourth grade at celebrated at Olive Garden) attempt to explain to us where every fucking penis belongs.  EVERY. FUCKING PENIS.:Image

By the children’s third photo, I would have guessed they were demonstrating the structure of a uterus and two ovaries with their child hands. But I know nothing. In regards to the guy’s response: I like it. I’ll allow it. But put a fucking shirt on.  People give zero fucks about your collar bones. 

Lastly, the only meme of this type that I actually like:







Author: brian

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