a good ol’ brian’s home media review

This movie was an absolute pleasure to watch. It lets kids be kids by allowing them to believe in such childhood favorites as the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa.  Dreamworks, in my very considered opinion, gives Pixar a run for its money with this fine feature.  The special effects are impressively lifelike at times, giving great care to lighting (I’m a lighting guy with movies, you know this, so turn the page).  Much of the scenery leaves little to be desired.  I thought the movie was humorous but macabre at times (the “tooth and gums” bit….really? for children??) but then again I’m pretty sick.  And also impressive: THE VOICE CASTINGS!!! Chris Pine? Isla Fisher? Alec Baldwin? Hugh Jackman? Jude Law? (Did I get them all, Dreamworks?) I had no idea! Seriously, I was pleasantly surprised, but I don’t have a good ear for voice recognition. Except for Howie Mandel. His voice his pretty specific.

A negative for Rise of the Guardians is that, as with every animated 3D movie I’ve ever encountered (except for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs–shout out to my bitches in Cloudy) it tried with much desperation to aim at being 3D.  There are so many “take the audience on a crazy adventure” scenes where it’s simulated to make you feel like you (yes, you) are on a loony sleigh ride in the streets or flying through the night time sky with Santa.  And there are excessive amounts of sand swirls in the air that push for the 3D effect. I look forward to the day I watch a 3D animation that doesn’t push itself down my gullet. Still and all, the movie itself is wonderful. Just wonderful. It was exactly what I thought it would be, plus about 10% more. Like a transvestite 🙂


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One thought on “a good ol’ brian’s home media review”

  1. I rather enjoyed those scenes where you flew with Santa’s sleigh and went on a wild ride through the streets of the town, but I totally see where you’re coming from. (Don’t see Oz the Great and Powerful – things try to fly out at you the whole time. For someone who didn’t see it in 3D, I thought it was full of obnoxious, cheap tricks.) All in all, I quite liked the film. Precious. I def BELIEVE.

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