A Good Ol’ Brian’s Home Media Review


It was good fun.  I found this little guy unoriginally original.  Allow me to explain myself (you have no choice, you’re not going to close this out. MUAHAHAHAHA! *throws cape over shoulder*).  It was unoriginal in that releasing a zombie movie these days is the director-equivalent of middle-class America having an iPhone-96% of the nation.  It was original, however, in that it made the zombies ultra fast (so I, Legend, did it, okay) but the virus was so quick-acting that the zombies looked more human than monster, which I appreciated.  The director did an amazing job of demonstrating how quickly the virus epidemic escalated.  And all within the first 10 minutes!  World War Z wastes no time in showing boring back stories to show how the virus began–it throws you into the rest of the public in the movie in that no one knows anything initially concerning the virus’ origin.  To touch briefly on the visuals, they met my needs (sexually) at about 90%, which is good these days (good job, Oz: The Great and Powerful, you asshole).

Brad Pitt: I couldn’t really enjoy him much here.  I’m not sure if it’s because he looks 60 all of a sudden, or the strange matching of a scarf with cargo pants.  He did a good job of emotionally drawing the audience into feeling for him as a father to fight for his family.  But wasn’t he attractive, like, a few years ago? Either way, the escalation in this movie was depicted beautifully.  And in comparison to the novel the movie was based on, I can’t add much.  The book was a drag for me.  I can’t even explain it without getting bored. Although–shameless plugs aside, read Daniel Wilson’s Robopocalypse for a good read based on individual accounts.



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