Did he like Insidious: Chapter 3?

Insidious 3 new poster horror movie 2015 (1)

No. It did everything wrong. As a prequel, there was much potential-soooooo much 😦  But when you take out a large bowl, throw in actors and actresses that belong in made-for-Netflix movies, show every scary moment in the previews, and make no decent connection to the first two Insidious movies, you get Insidious: Chapter 3– but gluten-free.  The main “monster” in this movie is not explained; and tying the other ghosts from the first two movies into this one is done with zero creativity or back-story to explain why even bother putting them in this movie as a prequel.  Minus bringing back the old-lady-looking Elise the psychic, one wouldn’t be able to tell this movie is a prequel until the last 3 minutes of the movie.

The 3-D scenes tried so hard that it was blatantly obvious. The first 19 camera shifts (seriously, keep track, bitches) were made to allow the viewers to say “Cool. This is 3-D.” Don’t waste my time. And the main monster was shown so frequently that I felt like he and I were buds at the end. Maybe I was even rooting for him 😉 LESS IS ALWAYS MORE, scary movie directors! Ask me my favorite part of the movie. I’m serious. Ask. Really and truly, it was the spooky music at the end with the credits (waitress emoji)



Author: brian

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