On Inside Out and Why It’s Perfect- Like Him.


Thinking about my psychology degree that was useless upon graduating back in 2008, I watched this movie in awe of just how deep this movie got while still appearing very surface-y for kids. Sure, for the kids, the characters are fun to watch, the animated effects are fantastic to gawk at and always one-upping the previous Pixar feature (save for Car 2), and even the dialogue at a glance works for the kiddies. But to the trained eye of all 36% of adults that aren’t mindless drones, this movie really does a great job of explaining the cognitive process on a very simplified playing field. I won’t prattle on like a little school girl, but anyone familiar with their general psychology courses from the first semester in college would truly appreciate this film.

The movie was well-paced. There’s no nutty climactic scene needed; this movie was able to touch on all emotions without having to have a typical plot formula. Everything just worked in this movie. Pete Doctor (the brain behind Up and Monsters, Inc.) seamlessly adds creativity to Pixar films- more than they already have, that is.  This is one of the best Pixar films since Toy Story 3, in my humblest opinion, and the first that made me get my literal lol on.



Author: brian

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