Brian Awakens. (spoiler-free with no preservatives or additives)

I’d go on about how fantastic J.J. Abrams is, but I don’t want to bore all 6 of you.  I’ll accost the critics first by saying that Abrams directed this movie flawlessly. It was perfectly paced with action thoroughly laid out through out the film instead of the typical formula of having only 3 major action sequences at the start, middle, and end of an action movie. I feel this movie was predictable through out the entire two hours, and I do not mean this in a negative way by any means.  Abrams did not go above and beyond; there was not one gigantic action scene like many action movies rely on to hold off until the last 20 minutes of a movie. He laid out a lot of the foundation through character development to set the stage for the next 2 movies, which I consider brilliant.

More so, still, is the fact that the main characters are a couple of no-name Brits that truly make the movie.  Yes, the majority of the cast (save for Harrison Ford & Co.) are the new pretty- 8/10’s instead of looking like models (take note, Michael Bay).  And yet Abrams is able to make buckets of cash without having to use big names for the main actors. The fact that the main characters are a woman and a black man makes me squeal with delight. It puts a fresh spin on the rest of the saga.

The special effects are seamless and make it truly difficult if not nearly impossible to discern between what is real and what is CGI.  Additionally, Abrams stuck with resorting to old school methods for many of the background characters/aliens with puppetry, which was just perfect. He has finally made himself a house hold name, even though I feel he’s been a genius since Lost, but I’ll save that for my diary tonight.

This was not the greatest action movie ever made. It’s more than that. It connects with the past nearly four decades in continuing a saga that has become a legacy in film-making.




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