God, a Goddess,and a rich man.

*some light spoilers ahead*

It was a great action movie. Don’t misinterpret my heavy-handed criticism as me not liking this movie. It was cool af. The opening allows us to see what happened in Man of Steel as to how it affected Bruce the Bat. Pushing it, but okay.  A feud ensues that takes a while to get to the climactic scene that, let’s get honest, is just dumb- cool – but dumb. Superman can’t punch armor on Batman now? Make me roll my eyes again, please. And when they make friends over their moms both being named Martha (there we go, my eyes are rolling to the back of my head now), they have to fight the big bad guy. This scene had me lol as Batman didn’t stand a chance; so, the dude just runs around and throws smoke bombs. Hence the bringing in of the sexy Wonder Woman, who does not get a scratch or a hair out of place in her beautiful locks. This movie tries tremendously hard, which somehow works in setting up for the Justice League.

It was great to see the negative effects that superheroes have when fighting the badsies. It was a concept I was trying to write a novel on about a year before even The Incredibles (a similar concept) came out, but enough about me.

The special effects are very impressive on the whole. The cast is reasonable, but I refuse to look at Ben Affleck when I say that. Jesse Eisenberg is a fantastic man…boy….guy.  I love Holly Hunter! And Jeremy Irons as Alfred made me uncomfortable as he looked too young. I want my Alfred to be a decrepit cripple! Overall, a good start to hopefully an even better setup for the rest of the franchise.



Author: brian

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