Popstar: A long SNL skit

I laughed several times. It was refreshing because most comedies are aimed at just sex appeal and drugs.  Sure, Popstar aimed at some really easy targets to poke fun, but it was pretty spot-on most times.  Now, the majority of the scenes are funny, but not the point to get a literal LOL on. It was enjoyable to not get bored with this movie. Once you overlook the fact that this poke-at-pop theme is kind of dated and so 2000, you get to appreciate the ridiculousness of this movie. The songs are genuinely catchy with the most ridiculous lyrics that truly make you concerned about the writers’ well-being. But I think it’s safe to say that anyone who enjoys the SNL Digital Shorts will eat this movie up.  No substance but still good fun.



Author: brian

Opinions don't matter-just mine.🙋

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