“Scarier than the first one.”- Wanda, ticket stub tearer at the cinema

And Wanda was right! FTW! Now tear my ticket, Wanda (eye roll). No one needs your opinion. Which remind me: here’s mine! So director James Wan has come a long way in making a good name for himself. He was behind all seven Saw movies, directed the first and second Insidious (eat shit, Insidious 3), and truly came around with The Conjuring and Annabelle. I grocery-list these movies to show you how he has progressed as a director.  We all think the same for the Saw series, amiright?! Let’s shout it out together, “The first one was awesome. The second one was cool. The third one was pretty good. 4,5,6….I don’t know what is happening. The last one was…wait was that the one with the window display?” But then his groundbreaking Insidious (forgetting how the sequel was lazy and the third was just uncalled for) showcased his mastery of directing. The first Conjuring did some fantastic shit with camera angles and zooming in, as well as being pretty original for being, like, the 72nd exorcism movie ever.

(Sorry to prattle on but…) so this sequel picked up gracefully from the original.  It paced well, and it provided so many well-times jolts. And I’m talking well-earned, gratifying, slap-on-the-back jolts that feel almost congratulatory.  Without giving too much away, the portrait scene was, without a doubt, one of my favorite horror scenes in the last decade.  When was the last time you saw a legit scary scene that took place in daylight? BAM.  The return of actors Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga was a triumph in itself for this movie, as they continue to have an awesome connection as actors.

I would have been okay if they carved a good 25 minutes from this movie, as some of it would have been better “deleted scenes” cuts on a DVD release. At times, this sequel seemed to try to be a bit more complex when not even necessary, which was the greatness of the first Conjuring with its simplicity, but I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me. Overall, this movie held its own as one of the few sequels out there that was made to be more than just a sequel to make more money than the original. It was an unexpected delight.



Author: brian

Opinions don't matter-just mine.🙋

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