X-Men: I’ve Lost Count

Director Brian Singer, in charge of all of the X-Men movies aside from The Last Stand, got sloppy here. And I should start by saying I may have walked into this movie biased as I saw all 14 trailers that social media shoved down my throat prior, so I felt as if I already saw this movie.  I’ll do my compliment sandwich:

This movie did a fair job of continuing the characterization of the major characters. We continue to see why Magneto is to become a villain; Charles Xavier as he wants to stay hopeful; how Storm goes from bad to good; and even still learning about Mystique- just to name a few. We get to witness the budding of certain relationships, and overall it was nicely done, perhaps a bit forced.  Now, to have to watch some of these special effects was downright cringe-worthy. It was bizarre: some seasons were mesmerizing to watch, and others looked like they were taken out of an action movie from 2002.  I don’t know if it was a budget issue (smirk), but the aftermath scenes at the end were horribly visualized. And even the makeup was rough, specifically Apocalypse himself. It reminded me of something from 20 years ago. Meh. And yet, it did something that makes me anticipate the next movie in this series. I enjoy watching the team gather and fight random shit, watching them continue to build on each other, and even how this movie still doesn’t take itself too seriously at the end of the day (pun intended). The downside to throwing so many characters in is that it starts to get difficult focusing on any main characters and being able to get solid stories out of them instead of it just being (what feels like) cameo after cameo.




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