“She’s behind the door. Watch….see?! What did I say?”- idiot bitch next to me the whole time in the theater, sucking her fingers every time she ate a piece of popcorn, which was somehow the entire duration of the movie.

I’ll watch nearly any horror movie, aside from Tyler Perry features. However, when it comes to me being satisfied, it can be a different story.  Biased or not, I’d been wanting to see Lights Out all year long after I saw the short this movie was based on.  As far as plot and characters, this movie is pretty typical.  If you ever saw Darkness Falls (2003), you’d say this movie is fairly similar in that the scary monster thing can’t kill folks in the light. Teresa Palmer (a pretty version of Kristen Stewart that has life in her face) does a modest job of being afraid of the dark. She does well so as to not make you watch her character and hope she dies. Likewise, Maria Bello is the “crazy” mom; I’ll avoid the mental health soap box, but she does what she can with her character having bipolar (please note I’m rolling my eyes here at the diagnosis).

Now, this movie delivers some great and unique scares given that it only relies on one entity that requires nothing major with special effects.  The jumps are provided time and time again. And with a short 80+ minute time, no effort is wasted in giving us boring background stories or humdrum nonsense.  Directed by a guy that has only directed shorts previously, this movie does enough to impress horror fans while leaving a possible impression on us to, in time, have his name recognized one day much like James Wan, who has his hand in every horror movie out there in the last several years and including, of course, this one.  The end has a poorly executed but still relevant twist that will probably (but not hopefully) lead to a sequel, be it in theaters, VOD, or Netflix, no doubt.  Overall, for a PG-13 movie, I was a bit more impressed that I thought I would be going into this movie, and I had somewhat high expectations.




Author: brian

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