“All off-colored comments aside, this little girl opens up her mouth wide enough to really brighten her future.”-me

To lead in, I’ve never seen the first Ouija movie, and I never will. It looks just plain awful. So, looking at this as a prequel, I can’t say anything. I can say how trailers ruin movies due to over exposure, but that would come as no surprise. Moving forward, I’ll only watch the first trailer for horror movies and not all seven of them. Ouija: Origin of Evil serves nicely as period piece, showcasing some eye-catching looks that don’t make you think twice about it taking place in the 60s. It offers great vintage vibes with it’s unique credit opening, as well. Nothing can be said much for the acting, per usual of most horror movies, save for one Lulu Wilson, the movie’s front-runner creeper. Yes, this kid is cookie-cutter kid actor, but she’s also a horror movie’s dream. She’s so perfect it truly is creepy.

Speaking of scares, this movie offers them a good amount at an odd pace. We begin to see the movie’s shtick as we see constantly the little girl with white eyes and her mouth agape. Like with JLo hits, less is more. The creature looks almost too reminiscent of a combination of those from Insidious and Annabelle, but I can’t be mad because director Mike Flanagan (who semi-impressed me with Hush) is able to hold his own with this movie, which I don’t think can be said for the director of first Ouija. #shade

This movie, if looked at as three segments, draws us in with a reasonably slow but not dull first part. The second segment of this movie makes us feel like we’re getting our money’s worth with some nifty scares and cool shots. The third, which is supposed to be the highlight but ends up being kind of disappointing, still offers a fair twist and makes you pity the original Ouija movie.







Author: brian

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