“Remember the Mario world where everything is big? Let’s do that with a gorilla; leave off the red hat and mustache.”- the director

(image is large for because humor)


I guess I’m going to be a diva because this movie is part of the Godzilla-Kong saga and it should be comparable to Godzilla (2014).  I enjoyed a lot of this movie’s features. The casting, while not my ideal cast, we pretty fair, with oldies-but-goodies Samuel L. Jackson and John Goodman, doing their parts. The special effects (connected with Lucasfilm) were on par, surpassing those of some the the bigger blockbusters over the last couple of years. I’ll give credit where it’s due, and much of it goes to King Kong’s features, from his facial symmetry to his hairs; I was very pleased.  The action came in heaves, but in surprising, sudden heaves. As you think you’re getting ready for a boring, sit-down-and-tell-me-about-your-past 3 minute snooze-athon, shit gets hammered!

At the same time, I’m going to compare this to King Kong (2005), because it’s in my top 10 favorite movies and because of the title. The 2005 film, albeit it was 3 hours long, was paced very well for being so long; but at the same time, it built a lot of scenes into the first half to make you empathize with the ape himself. Skull Island tried to force it on you by bringing about the antagonist and making him having a personal vendetta to kill Kong. A lot could have been learned in Godzilla (2014) when director Gareth Edwards had you somehow rooting for a gigantic lizard going against two big-ass creatures with lights for eyes- even as Godzilla was demolishing shit-tons of buildings in the populated city, we still felt empathy for the creature. With the island in Kong (2005), it truly felt like another world; animals and creatures sometimes traveled in packs; we witnessed Darwinism as the weak were killed by the strong. In Skull Island, we mostly watch as the pack of war heroes encounter one big-ass monster at a time.

Much of the acting was so hollow in Skull Island that I found myself laughing at some of the death scenes- not because I’m morbid, but because of how little I cared about the characters (unlike in Godzilla). Brie Larson had me wondering how did she win an Oscar the whoooooole time I watched her perfectly 1970s-depicted feathered hairdo.  The frustration behind most of this movie is its chosen style; it wanted to be funny with war-comedic stances like Predator that didn’t seem to work. It wanted to have the shaky camera effects with action scenes when much of the movie didn’t seem to think about it.  It wanted to go back to Forrest Gump times and coerce us to recall that this movie takes place in the 70s with track after track from that time period.

I’m beating the hell out of this movie only because I wanted to like this movie so much. The first 30 minutes held promise, but after watching the acting and having to compare the action to past films, it made me feel like it wasn’t on the right track the whole way.










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