“Children of the 90th know absolutely still the old series. Though it saw embarrassingly, however, was over funny. Here this is not a primitive bright lustre production more cursorily could be…Let them please go to pension and does not break the brand completely.”- Nobilis1984, some dipshit reviewer on metacritic.com that needs to stay the fuck in his lane (Mar 30, 2017)

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I sat on it a night before reviewing this movie-version of jazz hands and celebratory confetti because I would be biased af, and I watched it while I was hungover like any other 17 year old should have been.  As a “children of the 90th” (deep eye roll), I’ve been so excited for this movie for months and months after I heard a reboot was going to knock my socks off. Newby director Dean Israelite (known really just for Project Almanac, if anything) did a lot of things right with Power Rangers.  The cast of the five teens is made-up of no-name actors and actresses, unless you have comments about singer Becky-G…. didn’t think so. But I appreciated it not being a bunch of B-list names in this case. It made it the movie seem edgy, sexy, and fresh-y. Eilzabeth Banks stole my heart as our villain, Rita, with some cheesy, nostalgic awful humor and one-liners that made me miss the OG series from the 90s.

This movie seemed almost overly concerned with being more mature then necessary. I’m thinking it missed the mark with most audiences due to this movie’s attribute, but I’ll mind my business as it rakes in millions of dollars more than I’ll ever have. But overall, in taking its time building a firm origin piece where we watch as the five teens go from nothings to somethings, Power Rangers allows us, if not forces us, to appreciate it, as much of the movie is made up of slow build-up and characterization.  But once we get the promised actions scenes of the rangers morphing and calling for their zords (and just saying this makes me emotional with tbt vibes and my acne-ridden youth), it serves and slays nicely. The visual effects are just fine, nothing overwhelming. The fight scenes are short-lived- or maybe I just expected more? Regardless, Power Rangers was fresh and fun enough to warrant my excitement, if not leave me -like any good lover- wanting more. But please don’t do yourself a disservice- don’t go into this movie expecting a summertime Marvel blockbuster. This movie is merely a reboot of something to enthrall children who did not get to enjoy our Rangers growing up and allow the late 20s/early 30s folks feel young again, not change action movie history or our take on religion and politics (smirk).



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