“I questioned my sexuality.”-me

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Damn. Just, damn! Alright, so let’s dive in. DC Extended Universe took a ticket from Marvel and has been creating their own realm.  Man of Steel and Batman v Superman led the start of this universe, and putting Suicide Squad in the punish corner where it belongs, this world is starting off strong and giving Marvel a run for its money. Wonder Woman (hand claps to 2003’s Monster-director Patty Jenkins for having the biggest opening for a female director) takes the obvious reigns of a woman (kidding!) to focus greatly on emotion with some good characterization of Diana to portray why she comes to want to help humanity. (As an aside, Gal Gadot is so hot. She reminds me of an attractive, human version of Kim Kardashian.)

While this movie does seem to have some dragging moments, you have to give credit where it’s due, and it’s due in its sparse but lush action sequences. No exaggeration, my nipples got hard twice. I liked this movie far more than expected. As fives of you know, I don’t care much for World War movies. They’re, like, so long ago, and I want my Frappuccino, like, now.  But Wonder Woman somehow kept my interest.  I’m guessing it was greatly aided by the beauty and allure that Gal expelled, but I’m making my fiance jealous.

What I enjoy about the DC Extended Universe’s movies thus far is the fluidity that the superheros have when fighting in, albeit, CGI sequences. It’s more lifelike than the Marvel movies at times. And when they slow it down, especially in this movie, it allows you to truly enjoy everything it has to offer: grace, prowess, elegance, and grit. That’ll be the only other time I use those words not to describe myself.



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