“Social politics that will spook you.”-me

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Jordan Peele separated himself from the Key and Peele series so hard that it blows my mind.  Just a quick applause for this first-time director, if I may. Making over $250 million off a less-than $5 million budgeted movie, while at the same time making critics moist and portraying racial barriers (which is sadly still a present-day issue) without being preachy or offensive? Hats off to this man for guiding through about 17 different laser beams of offensive in today’s bratty society.

Digression! Ge Out offers an oddly-perfect blend of laughs and suspense. While the twist did seem a bit obvious, it was still a smartly crafted movie. It payed homage to some of the horror films from the 70s and 80s subtly; its composed soundtrack gave me some fantastic 90s horror vibes. Appreciate Get Out for it’s social context that isn’t shoved down your throat so much as brought to a brighter light; enjoy it’s refreshing blend of thrills and lol moments.



Author: brian

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