a good ole brian home media review: the devil inside

There’s more exorcism movies out there than there are Apple’s reinventions  Gosselin children  moronic blogs  80s movie remakes…..I’m not sure where to go with this. I’ll keep this short then. Sadly, if you own a tv/internet, you know what scares to expect courtesy of the eye-rape bombardment of previews that came out for this movie about a month before it came to theaters this past January. So, 90% of the scares were anticipated and not fun for me. I did like a touch of originality that The Devil Inside showcased with its “transference” wizardry.  But, director William Brent Bell, let the fact that the movie made over 60% of its entire gross in its first 3 days of opening, the fact that sales plummeted 76% in its second week, and the fact that Metacritic rated it 12/100 be a warning to you, sir: don’t ever fucking end a movie like that again.  The Sopranos had a more pleasant ending. Dipshit.

The movie was pretty cool, though. Suzan Crowley did an eerily impressive job as the mother.


Author: brian

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