The trailer IS the movie


Everything was lined up for this movie to blow shit out of the water! So what happened? I’ll fucking tell you: the trailer was made for this movie.  Anyone who saw the preview will ultimately know every trick, every thrill, every scary scene in this movie- which saddens me more than you’ll ever know.  So then as you watch this movie, you anticipate the shock moment; it becomes a question of when, not what. That’s not fun. It definitively killed this movie…pun intended? And that’s not to say that this made the movie bad (there’s other reasons lol- see below). 2008’s Quarantine did the same mistake of showing you a lot of the scares in the preview (hell, it even shows the end of the movie in the trailer), but that movie was crafted beautifully. [side note]

Additionally, thank God the characters were at least attractive.  They were so stock, it was like using cookie cutters. You had the guy with a crush on a girl who was so into theater she didn’t even realize; you had the cheerleader bitch, and last but certainly not least, the main lead/camera guy: an idiot. He was a deep dish dumb fuck piece of shit who the audience is really cheering on that he dies a slow, painful death. He’s a fucking moron.

Otherwise, the idea for the movie’s premise was great.  The sequences and the story were actually pretty terrific. I’d watch it again, and I’ll probably even purchase it on DVD. I think I would have enjoyed this as a horror movie much more if I’d never seen a preview or heard of it before because, let’s face it, we don’t expect unique characters or mind-blowing dialogue in a typical horror movie. If they make a sequel (insert classic Brian eye roll), they can hopefully learn from their mistakes and use creativity as an alternative. They laid out all the groundwork to have a successful horror movie- it started off well. Once we got to the meat of the movie, it lagged and went in (what felt like) tiring circles, making you look forward to characters dying. And you can call the ending a “twist,” but I call it the directors having a good idea for a movie’s storyline, knowing how they want to end it, and swirling a long piece of shit into an ice cream cone to make up the middle of the movie.



Author: brian

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